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As the pioneering force behind Central Air Conditioning in Bangladesh, Azizco proudly holds a distinguished position in the HVAC industry. With unparalleled experience and expertise, we have consistently outshined our competitors, establishing ourselves as a trusted name in the field. Our scope of work primarily focuses on the supply, installation, and commissioning of Central Air Conditioning systems for a wide range of industries and applications.

We have the capability to handle projects of any magnitude, ranging from residential buildings and commercial complexes to hospitals and pharmaceutical facilities, shopping malls and indoor stadiums, textile mills and spinning mills, airports and data centers, satellite stations and metro-rail depots, and more. With a proven track record, our portfolio showcases an impressive array of major projects across the country.

As a channel partner of YORK, (Johnson Control Inc.), we enjoy a strategic partnership spanning over 40 years in Bangladesh. This affiliation grants us direct access to YORK factories, enabling us to offer the highest quality products and services. We have a strong market presence and share as a channel partner, with assigned agents and dealers strategically positioned to expand our reach. This extensive network allows us to serve the entirety of Bangladesh with efficiency and effectiveness.

We place great emphasis on customer satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations in every endeavor. Our team is equipped with highly skilled professionals who undergo continuous training conducted by both local and foreign experts.

We also takes pride in our comprehensive maintenance and after-sales support teams. We understand that HVAC operation and maintenance is the pillar that makes us strong, and we prioritize the longevity and optimal performance of our installed systems. Our dedicated teams ensure timely maintenance, operation, swift resolution of breakdowns, and the availability of genuine spare parts, guaranteeing the continuous operation of our clients’ air conditioning systems.

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