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At the forefront of the construction materials industry, our Building Construction Material Division has built a legacy of excellence spanning over three decades. Our commitment to delivering top-quality construction materials has established us as leading authorities in the field. We specialize in the distribution of high-quality construction materials and focus on three key areas

Anchoring System

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of fastening solutions, including mechanical and chemical anchors, threaded anchors, and plastic anchors. We have solidified our position as industry experts through strategic partnerships. Our previous collaboration as HILTI's esteemed Channel Partner in Bangladesh laid the foundation for our growth, enabling us to carve out a significant market share in the realm of fastening and fixing accessories.

Furthering our journey, we formed a strategic alliancewith INDEX, a globally renowned manufacturer ofcutting-edge fixing systems. INDEX’s products standas a testament to precision engineering and unparalleledquality. Our partnership with INDEX has not onlyexpanded our offerings but has also fortified our positionin the industry. The exceptional product qualityand reliability of INDEX’s fasteners have consistentlyyielded positive results and satisfaction from ourclients. Our track record of successful supply tonumerous prestigious projects speaks volumes aboutour dedication to excellence.

Passive Firestop system

Safety is paramount, and our commitment to safeguarding both people and buildings from the risks of fire is unwavering. Representing NUL­LIFIRE, a manufacturer with over five decades of expertise in smart passive fire protection systems, we provide a comprehensive range of intumescent coatings, sealants, firestop boards, and other fire stopping products. Our experi­enced technical and sales team is well-equipped to offer engineering support, specification guid­ance, product development, problem-solving, and on-site assistance. Our partnership with NULLIFIRE has contributed significantly to enhancing fire safety in various projects across Bangladesh.

Concrte Canvas

Innovation drives progress, and our exclusiverepresentation of Concrete Canvas underscores ourcommitment to revolutionary constructionsolutions. Concrete Canvas is a geosynthetic cementitiousfabric that offers groundbreaking applicationsin slope protection, canal lining, weed suppression,and pond/lake lining. In a country like Bangladesh,where water body infrastructure is pivotal fordevelopment, our promotion of Concrete Canvasaims to transform traditional construction methods.By offering a durable and cost-effective alternative,we contribute to more efficient and sustainableconstruction practices. This innovative product hasthe potential to reshape the water body infrastructurelandscape in Bangladesh.

We are dedicated to prioritizing our clients’ needs and project requirements. Our team of professionals is committedto delivering personalized service and technical expertise. From aiding in specification to developing application-specificsolutions, solving challenges, and providing on-site support, we ensure a seamless experience for our clientsthroughout the project lifecycle. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our long-standing partnerships withreputable manufacturers and our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our Building Construction Material Division stands as a beacon of excellence, continually striving to provide innovativesolutions that build stronger foundations for a successful future. Through our strategic partnerships, unwaveringcommitment to quality, and dedication to client satisfaction, we are shaping the construction materials landscape inBangladesh and beyond.

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