For over 30 years, Aziz & Co has been a leading supplier to Bangladesh Railways, providing locomotives, brakes, rolling stock, and more. With a proven record in quality parts from Canada, Germany, and the UK, we have played a vital role in Bangladesh Railways’ smooth operations. Our expertise includes converting wagons, supplying rails, and offering maintenance, strengthening our partnership. We have also supplied electrical equipment for the Greater Dhaka Distribution Project through Babcock (UK) under British Government Funding.

LUMKANI, an IoT fire protection system, has greatly impacted 5000+ informal settlements in Dhaka’s Korail slum. In collaboration with NGOs like BRAC and World Vision Bangladesh, Aziz & Co, LUMKANI’s local partner, has effectively implemented this life-saving tech. LUMKANI’s pioneering system detects fires early, providing warnings for swift action, preventing loss, and enhancing resilience in vulnerable communities.

At Aziz & Co, we are dedicated to excellence in all operations, from projects to trading, forging partnerships for progress. Choose Aziz & Company Ltd. for holistic solutions that connect you to endless possibilities.

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