Vertical Transportation Division

"Redefining Heights, Elevating Spaces"

Having a heritage tracing back to the early 70s, Aziz & Company is recognized as the pioneer in vertical movement solutions. Across Bangla- desh, we have effectively delivered and set up more than 5000 elevators, overseeing a remarkable collection of elevator systems. 

Through our unwavering dedication to achieving the highest standards, we have secured our esteemed role as frontrunners in this industry. Our all-inclusive method of vertical transportation includes activities like structural and mechanical design, installation, operational service, and maintenance, as well as upgrades.

Aziz & Company Ltd. has introduced innovative elevated and stacked parking solutions to address space limitations in parking lots for both residential and commercial projects in Bangladesh. Utilizing hydraulic lifts and advanced engineering, our high-tech park- ing solutions intelligently manage parking areas, contributing to a more sustainable and intelligent architectural future. As pioneers in mechanical tower parking, we've effectively eased parking challenges for clients.

These revolutionary systems can accommodate 100 to 200 cars in the space typically used by only five to six cars, optimizing land use through vertical stacking. Azizco is dedicated to advancing the Car Parking Solutions industry through customer-centric approaches and exceptional after-sales services, setting high standards of trust and reliability.