Aziz & Company Limited (Azizco) stands tall as a trailblazer, a pioneer that has shaped the landscape of electro-mechanical services, trading, and contracting since the early 70s. With a remarkable legacy spanning nearly four decades, our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch services and products has been the cornerstone of our company philosophy, propelling our continuous growth and earning us a distinguished reputation.


At Azizco, our success story is intricately woven with the passion and dedication of our people. We firmly believe in achieving results the right way—through responsible practices, relentless pursuit of excellence, innovative technologies, and seizing new avenues for profitable growth.


Today, Azizco has undergone a remarkable transformation, blossoming into a multifaceted business with a diverse range of interests in thriving sectors. Our presence extends across HVAC, Vertical Transportation (Elevators, Escalators, Automobile Stack parking, Tower parking systems), and Building Construction materials Industries in Bangladesh. With a comprehensive suite of customer-oriented solutions and unparalleled support, Azizco has become a trusted household name in these industries throughout Bangladesh.