Omega Elevator

Leading Elevator Manufacturer and Exporter in China
OMEGA ELEVATOR, S.A. is a Spanish company manufacturer of electric and hydraulic lifts, which designs and manufactures vertical transportation elements, both for people and for small and large loads, and is located in the town of VITORIA (Alava), located in the Basque country in the North of Spain.

Since the beginning of its creation in September of 1989, OMEGA ELEVATOR has been able to adapt throughout all this time, to the constants and varied demanding needs of the national and international market, having always as its main objective, the quest towards an improvement continuous productive manufacturing processes, both in the final products obtained.

Well Engineered Design and Spacious Designed Elevators - Omega
Elevators with cutting-edge technologies with a most advanced feature with technological engineered designed that will give you more spacious lift even in a small available shaft for lift.

Each one of the elevators prototypes designed, are checked and tested previously in our own tests or trials, Torres properly adapted each for each case in particular.